Front Door Refinishing in Vista, California

Make the entrance to your home something spectacular with front door refinishing from Wood Restoring in Vista, California. Schedule an appointment today for an in-home estimate.

Restoration & Protection

Here in San Diego county, it gets quite sunny and hot. Your front door is exposed to the intense heat and becomes dry and brittle and the paint may start to flake or crack.

Refinished & Sealed for Longevity

Let us restore your front door, change hinges when needed, strip the old paint, and sand and stain any color you want. Your door is then sealed with marine lacquer often used on the bottom of boats. This lacquer protects your front door from the sun and wind for a long-lasting finished appearance.

Custom Refinished Front Door, Front Door Refinishing in Vista, CA

Primarily, we restore the outside of your door, but if you wish to have the color changed or your decor has changed, we just as easily refinish the inside.

Schedule an appointment today to discuss wood restoration for your cabinetry, doors, or furniture.